Paul Kulchenko
My name is Paul Kulchenko. I am a software architect and artificial intelligence researcher. I live in Kirkland, Washington.

I have been developing software since 1990. I am currently a graduate student at UW and also work as a software consultant.

My company provides a development environment for those starting with programming and those interested in developing gaming and mobile applications. You can see in the demos what the tools we develop can do.

As a graduate student I study robotics, control theory, machine learning, cognitive modeling and general intelligence and have recently implemented a robot that juggles ping-pong balls.

In addition to my day jobs I've been doing open source projects (SOAP::Lite, a popular webservices toolkit for Perl as well as many others), co-authoring books (Programming Web Services with SOAP and Programming Web Services with Perl), speaking at conferences (O'Reilly Open Source Convention and O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer & Web Services Conference), and occasionally posting to my blog.